Mobile Compliance 2

What is the application about?

It is a Targeting, Inspection, Enforcement and Recording tool, allowing examiners to access real time data regarding DVOT and issue sanctions to drivers that break the law. An Encounter can be a roadside vehicle check, or an Operator visit carried out by Vehicle and Traffic examiners. An encounter carries out an intelligence data check on the Vehicle, Trailer, Operator, Driver, Journey, Weight and Goods. All data entered to the Encounter is saved immediately to their respective databases.

The check will help identify first time/repeat offenders with outstanding prohibitions and GFPDs (fixed penalties), allowing examiners to issue notices or immobilise vehicles immediately which can be used at the Magistrates Court and Traffic Commissioners Courts.

My role in the project

  • Training the client to work in an agile environment.  
  • Helping the PO understand the need to simplify the IA/user journey throughout the application by determining the IA, through to wire framing interactive prototypes to final visual designs.
  • Designed a look and feel for the application incorporating guideline elements where required.
  • Working collaboratively with the PO, stakeholders, BA’s, and the development team.
  • Delivering all design and UX for a team of PHP developers and a UI developer.

Notable successes

  • Identified critical issues in the user journey of the old application, and where improvements would enhance the users experience.  
  • Developers had a good understanding of the requirements; through use of: Visual boards and interactive prototypes.
  • Handed over the user journey, full designs & wireframe prototype files to the UI developer allowing me to leave the project after a year.
  • The design of the application - which was still under development at the time - was well received by the Product owner, key stakeholders and users whilst feedback had been overwhelmingly positive.




Interactive prototypes






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